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Continental posters is specialized in fine art / vintage posters of all continents. World wide landscape posters. Enjoy our work! We are specialized in custom made, old, panorama and retro art posters.  Also specialized in posters of Steamers / Steamships / Dampfer / Old Cars / Auto.  Contact us for more information.

Ox Teams World Wide CO 11 more on Old Farming

Ox Teams World Wide CO 11 more on Old Farming

Holland Posters World series / Special art

Photography no 1

Sumatra Tabac no  2

Iceland Impressions no 3

New Zealand impressions no 4

World impressions no 5

Land of Fire impressions no 6

Rice cultivation in Europe no 7

Battleships of the World 1897 no 8

Chateaux/Castles of the Loire no 9

Ireland Impressions no 10

Plants in warm countries no 11

At Springtime / au Printemps no 12

World impressions 2 no 13

Days of the Week no 14

Haardracht Hollandsche dames n 15

Children”s Cradles in the World n 16

Rainbow Colors Women no 17

Women in Colours I and 2 no 18 /19

Old-Fashioned Plowing WW no 20

Building an Ocean-Liner no 21

King Tutankhamun’s Funeral no 22

Vincent van Gogh, episodes no 23

Ancient Athens sites / buildings no 24

Diligence /Stage coach /Postkoets no 25

Rhine / Rhein Bingen Coblenz 1900 no 26

Seasons by Elisabeth Sonrel no 27

Rembrandt van Rijn, episodes no 28

Old European Cities no 29

Remarkable Bridges no 30

Norwegian Fjords 1900 no 31

Famous Ancient Ships no 32

Old Word / Retro Posters in Alphabetical order, Old , Alt, Oud..

Posters of Countries / Continents / Themes in Alphabetical order

Ireland posters

Messages from the past

Mothers of the World


Thailand posters

World old / World retro

Themes / Cars Retro / Special art / Cows / Cows in blue

About me

Air Mail World / USA


Bethlehem poster

British India

Cars 50 - 60s

Cars 50-70s

Cars American posters

Cars European poster

Cemeteries / Graveyard

Children of the World

Dutch Indies posters 1 and 2

European Capitals posters

European Capitals retro

European Capital retro cars

Europe retro poster

European leaders

EU retro cities by / at night


Greyhound buses

Heineken`s Holland House 1939

Holland fine art poster

Holland Humor

Holland with love

Holland the 50ties

New Holland Trip 20 ties

Hollywood by night

John F. Kennedy

London poster

Love / Liebe / Liefde

Mother and Child Reunion

New York 400  2014 poster

New York good old times


Olympic sports

New Paris Notre Dame

Paris Special Design

People Unknown 1900

Red Star steamships

Royal Families GB/Ned/Eu

Ships & Cars

Sonrel E. special art


Steamers / Dampfer

Tall ships

Timbuktu / Tombouctou / Mali

USA fine art poster

USA Air Mail

USA Retro Holiday Posters

Victim of the deep

Women with horses

World retro fine art poster

New Zeno Diemer Posters



Children of the World

 Plitvice lakes


Continents (abstract


England Cornwa

France / Paris

France landscape

Germany /Berlin

Great Britain     

Holland / Dutch Indies / Amsterdam / Old Holland / Graveyards / Holland Posters

India Tash Mahal


from holland with love 3 O 72 ohp

from holland with love 3 O 72

Mothers of the World, Mother and Child Reunion r C 110 cp

Mothers of the World, Mother and Child Reunion r C 110

Impressions of the World Holland Posters World Series number 5

Americas the New Continent cp C 52

Americas the New Continent cp C 52. Abstract poster series.

New: Holland Posters World Series more....

Springtime / Printemps Holland Posters World Series 12  listen to the song from Michel Fugain vs 2 CP

Old New York by night C 81

Old New York by night C 81

notre dame paris by night vs 2 vk CA 164 cp
Java thee the tea poster O 169 vs 2

Cows and Tulips poster

Cows and Tulips poster

Paris Notre Dame before the fire

 Michel Fugain 

USA with Colours CO 8, inspired by Pier Mondrian Victory Boogie Woogie poster

VSAP, USA with Colours  rygb CO 8, also available with boarders in black or white, insprired by Pier Mondrian Victory Boogie Woogie

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