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Holland Posters World Series Posters are great posters made from old Lithograph cards. They all tel a small  story about something. These cards were made for promotion of an old German firm who produced meat extract. These pictures were printed from 1872 - 1975. Most of them uses the French language, therefor is no. 4 ,New Zealand, of this series partly in French. Number 2 and 3 are also on this site. All pictures are also as a single poster available.

Impressions of New Zealand HP W S 4 french cp Impressions of the World HP WS 5 cp
Impressions of the Land of Fire HP WS 6 b hp
Rice cultivation HP WS 7 cp
Chateaux Castles of the Loire HP WS 9  with Blois, Amboise, Chaumont, Chanonceau, Langeais, Chambord Plants grown in Warm Countries HP WS 11 Cuba, Indochina, Algeria, North Africa, Arabia and North Italy
Impressions of the World 2 poster Holland Posters World Series no 13
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