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On this page special European Cities. They belong to different European countries. One is very special poster of Lwów (Polish), Lemberg (German and Dutch) , Lvov (Russian), Léopol (France); Lemberik (Yiddish)  and  Lviv Ukraine. Further poster of Danzig or Gdansk; poster Kraków, poster Strassburg or Strasbourg; poster Breslau, poster Königsberg or Kaliningrad. .

Kraków, Wawel 1916 CO 111 cp
Strassburg 1899 CO 110 cp
Danzig, Gdansk 1904 CO 114 cp Lwów, Lemberg, Lviv, Lvov, Lemberik. Léopol poster CO 115 cp
Königsberg, Kaliningrad 1922 poster CO 112 cp
Breslau um 1911 CO 113 cp
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